Where experience and innovation go hand in hand

BANA Saudi perfume house, we continue to build on this rich heritage, working side by side with our diverse clients to translate their vision into distinctive and unique fragrances that excite their senses, and we also work in collaboration with global producers, manufacturers and perfumers who are characterized by renewed inspiration in creating luxurious aromatic notes.


Re-inventing and improving our products through new age technology by keeping pace with industry trends we ensure that we are on our way to progress at this juncture by constantly expanding our range of modern technologies.

our vision

BANA We constantly strive to exceed expectations, to enhance our ambition to be the best in the fragrance industry, by adopting advanced innovations and supporting renewable technologies, to keep pace with the aspirations of our customers.

Our passion is making life smell beautiful

We blend creative expertise with the latest technology to create fragrances that encapsulate our customers' vision and excite their senses. We are never afraid to explore new trends, and we always aim to inspire our customers with new and exciting solutions that encapsulate and build on the latest trends.

Science meets art

By blending technical skills and creativity with a wide range of ingredients, the BANA team can develop their game-changing products that help advance their brand.

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