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Silent Flowers

Flowers and their scents are among the most famous perfumes throughout history. Since man began to create his civilization, he has always tried to acquire those charming and picturesque scents that nature emits around him in an aromatic bottle. But how did the perfumers finally manage to create these wonderful scents? Definition of silent flowers They...

Perfume Varieties

Perfume makers use hundreds of different scents and fragrances in the composition of their distinctive perfumes, and these perfumes and raw materials are classified according to their source. In this article, learn about the different types of perfumes and their sources. Modern Bana Perfume II Botanical Fragrances They are perfumes obtained from different types of plants, where...


Leather Perfume

The smell of leather .. dry base perfumes and smoked The smell of leather has been associated with the world of perfumery for centuries, so leather and perfumes provide a charming model of coexistence and harmony, until the leather world became officially an aromatic family in 2001. The leather scent blends wonderfully with cardamom, ginger,...

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