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The smell of leather .. dry base perfumes and smoked

leather smell

The smell of leather has been associated with the world of perfumery for centuries, so leather and perfumes provide a charming model of coexistence and harmony, until the leather world became officially an aromatic family in 2001. The leather scent blends wonderfully with cardamom, ginger, sandalwood, orris, oakmoss, patchouli, musk and tonka bean.

The smell of leather is one of the most famous and oldest families of perfumes. The leather note is used as a base for the perfume, and although it is primarily a masculine note, it is sometimes used in women’s perfumes. The smell of leather is strong but delicate at the same time, and it is always warm, refined and soft. Which makes it a rare combination that everyone wants to try.

The emergence of perfumes skin

The beginning was in the leather tanneries in France during the Renaissance, where nitrogen waste is used to treat leather and make it soft. all together.

The recipes for perfuming leather differed in each region or country. In Italy they used musk, civet and iris butter, while Spain perfumed leather products with camphor and amber, and in France their recipe contained orange blossom, iris, musk and violet.
Perfumed leather products, especially gloves, became famous among the kings and nobles, who drew their attention to that smell, until customers began to order personal perfumes that resembled the smell of those leather gloves.

Leather has always been particularly popular with men but is also a great choice for women with style, personality and presence. The family has enjoyed a renaissance in today’s era with fresh, floral, sensual, smoky or glossy fragrances. Leather holds a variety of moods from aggressive to assured calm: endless variety for discerning perfume lovers.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Types of leather perfumes

However, there are many sub-categories within the leather family including leather notes with citrus notes, green notes, gourmands, and white florals.
The leather family also contains smoky scents, where the scent of leather blends with the scent of charred wood and perfume with the prevailing notes of tobacco, and what distinguishes this family is the intense dryness of its perfumes

Tobacco leather

It is a leather fragrance diluted with wood, honey and hay, which distinguishes the smell of tobacco, and these pleasant and dry perfumes at the same time have become very desirable. relish.

Scented wooden leather

In this composition, perfumers use scented wood notes, the most famous of which is birch tar oil, by heating birch bark in a controlled manner to obtain a substance consisting of tar and bark ash. In the world of perfumes, birch tar is obtained through the long dry steam distillation process of this substance. This perfume is characterized by the smell of wood fires inside the fireplace, thanks to its warm and smoky components. It can also be used from the roots and wood of a number of other trees to obtain a leather fragrance with a very strong smoky hint, such as the cadre tree, and the agar, which is the main component of agarwood.

warm wood leather

A woody base that is honed through leather and aldehydes, these perfumes have a bitter spicy scent.

floral skin

It is a fragrance with a soft leather frame enhanced with delicate floral notes such as immortal or cassia, which gives it a pungent character.

other raw materials

In addition to aromatic woods, there are other raw materials, natural or artificial, that can be used in making leather aromatic blends, among them gums such as citrax and labdanum, their mild, warm and animalic scents are strong and serve as the basis for leather scents.
There are also sweet leather fragrances that have a sexy finish, giving a scary sweet feeling, and the best sweet leather fragrances are those based on vanilla, as well as honey and jasmine.
Synthetic chemistry can be used as perfume makers use the synthetic compound isobutyl quinoline, more commonly known as IBQ, with great care, it smells very strong like dry skin and is also mixed with green notes.

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