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Perfume Varieties

Perfume makers use hundreds of different scents and fragrances in the composition of their distinctive perfumes, and these perfumes and raw materials are classified according to their source. In this article, learn about the different types of perfumes and their sources.

Modern Bana Perfume II
Modern Bana Perfume II

Botanical Fragrances

They are perfumes obtained from different types of plants, where plants such as flowers contain essential oils that perfume makers obtain in different ways, and many woods have been used since ages to produce the most luxurious types of perfumes such as pine wood, sandalwood and cedar wood.
This type of perfume includes flowers, fruits, fragrant herbs, wood and citrus, as well as hot and oriental spices, and other plants.

Animal Perfumes

They are perfumes extracted from the bodies of animals or their secretions, and the raw material for them is usually smelly, but after undergoing a number of treatment and mitigating processes, we have very beautiful aromatic notes that people have fallen in love with for thousands of years and used them despite their scarcity and high cost.
Musk and amber are among the most famous and indispensable animal perfumes, and the demand for them has not stopped for thousands of years. There are also some perfumes extracted from the secretions of beavers, civets, and other animals.

industrial perfumes

Due to the high prices and scarcity of some natural raw materials such as amber, musk, and other animal fragrances, perfume makers resorted to creating an industrial alternative in laboratories by mixing some natural and chemical ingredients that produced compounds that mimic those charming smells.
The perfume industrialist also excelled in creating scents that mimic the scents of nature that cannot be obtained from natural raw materials, such as the smell of the sea, the smell of fresh air over mountain tops, the smell of snow and others.
As for the aromatic notes of plant origin, they are still used to a large extent in the world of the perfume industry, but they are often replaced by industrial materials, and the majority of the chemicals used in the perfume industry are derived from petroleum products.
There are also some plants whose scent is impossible to conjure naturally, such as lily of the valley and lilac flowers. Thanks to these industrial and chemical materials, perfume makers were able to create scents that mimic the scents of those flowers and use them in the production of great-tasting perfumes.

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