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Perfume 1373 – Al-Bisht, the symbol of elegance and sophistication.

بانا صورة مجلس الوزراء

The concept of Perfume 1373 embodies the belief in the words of the Minister of Culture, that Saudi culture will remain an eminent palm tree in our world. In alignment with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, which recognizes culture as a fundamental aspect of life quality, and in acknowledgment of this responsibility to raise awareness, preserve, and promote it both locally and internationally, a product has been launched that reflects symbolic historical and cultural dimensions, embroidered with its golden threads, the “Bisht.”

From here, the journey began through our renewed capabilities in the art and innovation of perfume notes that embody the “Bisht,” the symbol of elegance and sophistication. It serves as a reflection of our society and a part of our rooted culture, allowing you to make your presence felt among the invited. Perfume 1373 is designed to reflect the founding history of the Saudi Cabinet, becoming a testament to that historical moment

The construction of the identity of Perfume 1373 relies on essential symbols that reflect the extension of the kingdom both geographically and culturally, namely the map of the kingdom and the Bisht Zarry.

Perfume 1373 from Bana House is a velvety fragrance that takes the sense of smell on a enchanting journey through the window of the Saudi cabinet, thanks to its unique and exceptional aromatic composition. Perfume 1373 is an ideal choice for men and women who appreciate captivating scents with a distinctive presence among the invited.

عطر بانا 1373
bana 1373
To caress your senses and capture attention
عينة بانا 1373

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To caress your senses and capture attention